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A well-rounded artist needs to understand balance sheets just as much as they need to understand sheet music. Contracts and codas are both necessary to an artist’s career.

We provide young talent and their parents the tools they need to survive in this business. We provide seasoned artists support services to sustajazin their career. And, we provide organizations with the planning and production for memorable events..

Duke Ellington
David Sanchez
KORUS Festival
Arts Administrators of Color (AAC)
Duke Ellington Jazz Festival
David Sanchez
KORUS Festival
We are honored to serve as an AAC board and annual convening committee member of this organization whose mission is empowering artists and arts administrators in the DMV area by advocating for access, diversity, inclusion, and equity in the arts.
As a long-time board member of the Washington Area Music Association (WAMA), we are using our knowledge and expertise of Washington Area Music to assist the Musicianship with preserving the WAMMIES.
As an Advisory board member of Marketing Opportunities in Business and Entertainment (MOBE) we are using our knowledge in business and entertainment to empower the next generation.
Our festival coordination services, makes HillFest planning and production run seamlessly.
From concept to actuality, we developed the infrastructure, program/project management and vendor relationships that set the standard for what is now the DC Jazz Festival.
We were proud to lend our PR and tour support to Grammy-Award winning artist David Sanchez during his Mezzala release.
As advisors on the Festival's steering committee, we enabled KORUS to expand the festival's diversity reach.


In 1994, Tone Deaf Entertainment (TDE) was created to focus on clients in the sports, arts, and entertainment industries. A few of TDE’s most notable clients have been: The Tiger Woods Foundation/AT&T National Golf Tournament, the Bill Picket Invitational Rodeo (BPIR), Charismic Productions, National Geographic Society, and music educator and Executive Director of the Jazz Arts Institute, Davey Yarborough. TDE was also instrumental in the start-up and business development of the $2.5M Festivals DC and its flagship project the $1.5M week-long Duke Ellington Jazz Festival (re-branded as the DC Jazz Festival). In 2004, TDE branched out into the non-profit arena and used its program/project management and communications expertise on behalf of the children’s advocacy organization First Star; the public policy organization, the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies; Smithsonian Folklife Festival, and the human rights organization, Amnesty International where our efforts helped in the release of Nelson Mandela. TDE has also provided project management services for the US Postal Service’s Lance Armstrong Tour de France and the Holiday Grinch advertising campaigns. In 2014, TDE was re-branded as Jazz Cat Herder (JCH). Our primary focus is on personal management, event and project management, communications, and the ongoing development of business acumen in young talent. Jazz Cat Herder is a subsidiary of S. Powell Williams and Associates.

What Makes Us Different
  • We're not a success unless you are too! By assisting you in reaching your goals, we satisfy ours. There is no other reason for us to exist.
New Clients
  • We welcome them! We know how difficult it is to get up and running when you're just starting out. We also understand the need to expand and grow your existing brand. And lastly, we understand when you've been there, done that, and want to focus on influencing the "now", the "new", and the "next".
We Are Here For You
  • We're here for you no matter what the stage or life cycle of your organization. Tell us what you need. Tell us what you want. Tell us where you want to go. Allow us to help you get there.
Our Team
  • Our arsenal of professional talent changes to match your specific needs. We know one size does not fit all. By using our staff, consultants, contractors and industry partners, you'll have an extended range of resources, manpower, and expertise whenever you need it.
Where We Shine
  • Infrastructure and Board Development • Project/Program Management • Marketing, PR and Crisis Communications Plans • Industry Professional Development training for teens, parents and adults • Event Management no matter the size, (1 to 1,000+).


  1. Project Management for Musicians and Other Creative Types
  2. Mama I Can't Sing; But I Wanna Be In The Entertainment Business - Alternative careers for the tone deaf and performance challenged
  3. The Thrill Is Gone - Staying motivated during a creative slump
  4. Who Put This Band Together - When Band Mates Collide: How to Deal with Egos, Solo Hogs, and Spotlight Snatchers
  5. We're In The Money...But Where Is It? - Who's minding the store and your money?
  6. Oh No! I've Said Too Much - When your media interview goes all wrong.
  7. Home Training - Manners: Table and Otherwise.


"It was an honor working with Stacey at the Duke Ellington Jazz Festival. A hard worker who served as the glue for the event, Stacey really project managed the festival into reality".
- Geoff Livingston - President and Founder at Tenacity5 Media
"Stacey is a fantastic professional who knows how to get the job done at all cost. She is a team player who knows how to take initiative! She is efficient, organized and well connected in all of her efforts. She would definitely be a great addition to any team."
- Dorinda White - Communications Staffer, Government of the District of Columbia
"I find Stacey to be the rare combination of leader and team player, one who will take responsibility and accountability for her contribution to an organizational goal."
- Vetalle Fusilier - Owner, JVB Productions
"Established in 1986, Charismic Productions produces and manages jazz artists and projects; including but not limited to international tours, festivals, television and audio recordings. We have been completely satisfied with Ms Williams' representation of our company and our artists for whom she has generated considerable media exposure."
- Charles Fishman - Owner Charismic Productions


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